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Customers Speak Up     
Thanks for helping me get ready and pass the Series 7. Your in depth knowledge of all topics and simple explanations made the material so straightforward

Susan B - Registered Rep.

Thank you so so much for helping me pass the Series 3 Exam. I had used other prep courses but had fallen short twice and my job was on the line. You saved my job - really! I will be sure to share how helpful you were with my colleagues and friends.

Jake M. - Commodities Trader

Just wanted to say thanks for grilling me but doing such a great job teaching me the Series 56 material. After failing once I did not want to fail again and when we spoke I felt confident you would get me there. My confidence paid off.... Thanks.

Brad G..- Prop Trader

Our Advantage                  
I bring 20+ Years of experience in the Financial markets as a Broker, Trader, Analyst and years of amazing success teaching Series Exams. I have passed the Series 7, 3, 63 and have in depth knowledge of all exam topics.

Plus....I have unique Tips & Tricks that will help you learn the material so you succeed the day of your exam.

Your Success is my reward!

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Professional Series 7 Tutoring

...the advantage you need
to pass your
Series Exam & Get licensed

Are you hiring Series 7 candidates? Or are you or a colleague taking the Series 7 or another FINRA/NFA exam?

Starting out in your career as a broker, trader or analyst? Have you been told you need to pass your Series Exam to get licensed. And that your job may depend on it ? You have taken a prep course, read a book and completed many practices exams for the test. Still, something is missing that will allow you to score higher and have a very high probability of passing. Look no further.

Get the Competitive Edge
I am a season industry pro who has transitioned into a professional tutor for the Series 7, 3, 24, 55, 56, 62, 63, 65, 66, 79, 99 and more...... I have been in the business for 20 years and live, work and breath Wall Street and our business. I get this business and more importantly know the material and how to apply it and get questions right. But that is not enough. I want you to have the same edge my other clients have, so you will pass your exam. Let me do the hard work. Benefit for my short cuts, tips & tricks and cheat sheets. So you can get licensed and move onto your career and do what you do best. Succeed.
Get rid of anxiety, walk in calm, Prepared, Ready programs cut through the clutter. You will learn the concepts, facts and formulas you need to know to pass. And I explain things in no nonsense everyday language so you really "Get it." My strategy is simple: Cover one section at a time, so you grow progressively more proficient & confident. By the time you are ready to take your exam you will be ready, relaxed and clear headed. The Net Result - you will perform like a star and pass.

Get the Individual Attention you deserve
Unlike many big firms I do not rush through the course material. I only have you in mind and cater each session to your strengths & weaknesses. Tutoring sessions teach you what, why and how of the material and the how to approach exam questions and get them right. Your success is my success. From start to Finish you are #1.

Tutoring Works

We have a 3 Step process we use at

Evaluation of Strengths & Weaknesses
We evaluate where you need our help by conducting a diagnostic test that allows us to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Then we create a program that meets your needs. We also teach the "Must Know" material for you to do well on your exam. Including Options and Municipal Bonds for the Series 7. Hedging for the Series 3 and Regulations for the Series 63 and 66. We help minimize your weakness and add to your strengths through the private attention only Series7Prep offers.

Create customized learning program

If you have had tutoring in the past, then you know that the individual attention you get from a customized learning program makes all the difference to your success. What and How you learn will help you build your knowledge, confidence and ultimately results. Helping you Pass the Series 7, Series 3, Series 63 Exam or other exam and get licensed.

We teach you until you get it
Learning alone online, in a classroom setting or from a book is often difficult, boring or the material can be unclear. We don't rush through the material like they do in a typical Series 7 Review Class....All my explanations, exercises, examples are very clear, concise and is taught to you keeping in mind we all learn a bit differently. Some of us learn visually, others through discussing or writing. We take advantage of them all - until you really are comfortable and "Get it." So you walk in prepared to take you exam and walk out licensed

Success Stories                                    

For the last 8 years we have been getting clients trained. We have a 96% Success Rate.  Are you next to pass your FINRA/NFA license ?

SERIES 7 FEEDBACK - Taking the 7. Be sure you know key topics including: suitability, muni's, regulations+. Variable Annuities is another popular test subject. For other important changes please contact us.


We are Very Proud of our students

96% Pass Rate
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